The Buzzz October 2010

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You Complete Your Profile and We'll Match You with Great Job Opportunities

More than 60,000 great jobs are being listed by the Employer members of right now.  There are jobs in every state.  There are jobs that are entry level positions, and there are jobs at the highest levels of the company.  There are full time jobs, and there are part time jobs.  There may be a job that is ideal for you.

But Employers can't find you, and we can't send you notices of jobs that may be great matches for your skills and interests, if you don't complete your Profile.  With your Profile complete, we will know about your education and work history, and about the type of job you are seeking and how far you are able to commute.  After you complete your Profile, simply check the RightMatch box, and we'll start sending you notices of great jobs tailored to your qualifications and interests.

You can mark your Profile Private if you want, but if you want our Employers and your Friends & Associates to be able to search and find you, you should mark your Profile Public.  But whether you choose to have a Public or Private Profile, make sure you check the RightMatch box.  And get ready to open the door to opportunity.

Highlighted Article

Recognizing Disability Mentoring Day, Wednesday, October 20th

The Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) Program is a national job-shadow and career exploration program designed to link students and jobseekers with disabilities to employers interested in hiring people with disabilities. The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), the largest national cross-disability membership organization in the United States and a member of the Advisory Council, coordinates DMD nation-wide through a network of more than 350 volunteer DMD Coordinators.

DMD is recognized nationally on the third Wednesday of every October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month. AAPD encourages its network of DMD Coordinators to center their local DMD activities around this date; however DMD activities can and do occur around the country on many different dates. Please visit for more information on DMD programs.

DMD connects nearly 20,000 job-seekers with disabilities with thousands of employers in more than 300 locations in every U.S. State and Territory and in more than 24 countries worldwide each year.  In addition to job shadowing and career exploration activities, the DMD Program provides a structure for ongoing mentoring leading to internship and employment opportunities.

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